Sunday, May 8, 2011

The Solution to the Unemployment Problem: Cut Benefits

The New York Times reports that Florida has just passed a bill, which the governor is expected to sign, to cut the maximum number of weeks people can receive state unemployment benefits.

I guess this is sort of thing that some people go into "public service" to do. But my idea of public service at least does not include kicking people while they are already down, out of a job, and looking for work.

Apparently, in Florida, lawmakers are unaware of this concept called a "tough job market" in which this other thing called "unemployment" goes up and people have a hard time finding a job. This shows that even the most basic concepts are difficult to grasp for some "public servants."

Oh well.

The citizens of Florida have to live with the lawmakers they voted for and the concepts of "public service" that those lawmakers apparently have a passion for. While I think this is the exact opposite of good public policy, we do live in a democracy, so sometimes we have to live with bad public policy instead.

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