Thursday, May 19, 2011

Do Senators Take Their Oath to Uphold the Constitution Seriously?

So, you have these politicians who claim that filibustering judicial nominees is not only bad idea, but that it is unconstitutional. That is right, not merely a bad idea or bad policy, but unconstitutional.

Well, Senators take an oath to uphold the Constitution, so if they say something like that, they can't later decided filibuster judicial nominations, right? After all, the Constitution, which they took an oath to uphold, takes precedence for any red-blooded American Senator over any political advantage from the unconstitutional filibuster of a judicial nominee, right?


Matt Yglesias has the dirt. Politicians who previously declared that filibustering judicial nominees was unconstitutional now engaged in the filibuster of judicial nominees.

Do these Senators take the Constitution seriously? Do they take their oath to uphold the Constitution seriously? Sadly, we are forced to conclude that the answer is no.

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