Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Bill Gates is "Stunned" by How Hard it is to Get Funding for Energy Research and Development

Over at GigaOM, Ucilia Wang reports that Bill Gates is stunned at how difficult it is to get our dysfunctional political system to increase funding for energy research and development, which we absolutely must do if we are to thrive as a country. Indeed, although Bill Gates has had success in convincing the Obama administration of the need for increased funding, it is difficult for the administration to even maintain current levels of spending in the face of the Republican desire to cut back on investments in the future, much less increase the level of investment in a way that is likely to accelerate progress.

As I mentioned earlier, given our dysfunctional political system, it is increasingly difficult to make the kinds of critical innovation investments that we need to progress. I suspect that if we do not get our act together soon, we will eventually face national decline.

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