Monday, December 6, 2010

Don't Release Chrome OS Before It's Done

Chrome OS
According to TechCrunch, there are some indications that Google may be looking to release the Chrome OS this year, despite the existence of major bugs. This would be a really bad idea. Software is judged by the user experience, and users who have difficulty with an initial buggy version will lose confidence in the product and the company and tell all of their friends. For example, when Microsoft released Windows Vista with a myriad of problems, it damaged the reputation of Windows Vista severely. When later releases of Windows Vista fixed many of those problems, the earlier reputation tended to stick. Also, Windows Vista hurt the reputation of Microsoft overall. Google would be very wise to avoid making the same mistake. Especially since the consequences for Chrome OS are likely to be much more severe than for Windows. Given its position of dominance, it is much easier for Microsoft Windows to make a comeback with a subsequent release. It would be much more difficult for a product like Chrome OS, which does not have an established user base of hundreds of millions of customers, to recover from such a mistake.

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